Thursday, 10 November 2011

Tagging Again !!

Hye =)
Setelah beberapa lama aku da xkena tag, akhirnya aku kena tag lagi !!
Kali nie aku di tag oleh adik Qilah..
Nak tau apa soalan yang ditanya?
Let's check it out ^-^v

1.Single or taken ?
- Taken

2. Have you watched MTV EMA ? if not why ?
- No..because i'm not interested

3. What is your full name ?
- Nur Diyana bt Md Rauzi

4. Do you like to drink MILO ?
- Of of the my favourite

5. Dress or t-shirt with jeans ?
- Both of it

6. Where you at ?
- At home

7. Which better ? you get A because of cheating or get C without cheating
on exam ?
- Get C without cheating on exam

8. You start a conversation first or let someone start the conversation ?
- I start a conversation first

9. If u miss someone, what will you do ?
- call him, look the picture and skype with him

10. Angry birds, domo, spongebob. Whic one you choose ?
- Domo

11. Do you easy to ' falling in love ' ?
- Not really..take more time to accept someone in my life

OK!! Finished !!
Thanks ea for the tag =)


Amer Strive said...

hehe baru je buat entri selesaikan tugasan tagging kawan2 tadik.. fuh.. penat..

Amer Strive said...
This comment has been removed by the author.


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